Sneak peak - Small facade exterior job


Below is a sneak peak from a few images that will be uploaded as soon as I have the rights to do so. The job is a somewhat small exterior job, but it turned out nicely for what it is, and it was a pleasure working with DC8 studio and Halcyon. 

But do remember to check back later, soon hopefully, to see the full final images. 


Nameless Project Part 01 - Living Room Render


I would like to share the first render from a new project, which is currently nameless, a living room render. 

The render is 1 of will be probably 3-4 renders for the entire house, 1 exterior, 1 kitchen, maybe a balcony and maybe a bathroom render too. But keep an eye out for my Blog here, where I will be updating as I go, before finally adding the full project to my gallery. 

Hope you like it, and happy Australia day! 

New Front Page Banner


I thought I would share the render I made today, and that I am using for my front page banner, without the post effects my website puts on it to fit the theme. 


I had the Ninja Turtles poster frames lying around, and I believe they are from (in case anyone wants to use them too!). I haven't found a commercial job where I could get away with using them, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to have some fun!